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        Questions and answers

Do we have a free weekend? - Yes just visit the region, it will soon be world inharitage.

Do we have a washing mashine? - Yes we have one, but bring the washing powder and discuss the sequence of the use.

What do we need for the registration? - Name and adress, subject, year or semester, phone number, e-mail adress, car avaliable, special wishes for the excavation? Special wishes of the campaigne?

Do I need somethin written down for the registration?- Besides the Student-identiication card, no, not from our side, and after my confirmation you are registred and the place is reverved - I hope that you are so fair and communicate if something does goes wrong - because otherwise you take the place from someone other!

I am vegetarian/strict vegeterian ore something else? - there will be also vegetarian food on the collective alimentation -
(- that does no mean a discrimination but it is rare) but we have to consider it and please inform me.

Are there still vacancies? - Please look at the outline page.

The campaign is not suitable for me , have I the posssibility to register for the next year or is there the posssibility to join the different campaigns through alternatively? - Unwillingly, due to the question of the sleeping places etc. will be confused, please tell me ih there is no other possibility.

Do I need excavation experience? - No, it is a training excavation - anyhow we would be very glad if you already have experience.

And if I wish to know anyting else? - Communicate to serge_reich@gmx.de or mobile ++491774499497