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Excavation campaign 2012/free places

Excavation 2012 is divided in to 4 campaigns.

Goseck Winter Campaign2 - 19.3.12 - 13.4.12 - 7 places - places free
Goseck Summer Campaign 1 - 23.7.12 - 17.8.12 - 15 places - places free
Goseck SuCa2 - 20.8.12 - 14.9.12 - 15 places - places free
Goseck SuCa3 - 17.9.12 - 12.10.12 - 15 places - places free

We work from Monday to Friday 8 hours.
Beginning time of work as well as the breaks are established according to internal agreement.

Medical health

We are digging in the soil and find also rusty nails.
Please assure to get an tetanus inoculation in time, if there is need for it or the inoculation period is overdue.

Accomodation - Burgwerben "Castle-Manor"

The accomodation is actually in a "castel-manor" but you can not expect an "castle-manor" like condition. You sleep with several persons in one room and there are not to modern showers and toilets. For a long time there were no so called "beauty works" made. If you wish to have a more "luxurious" accomodation I can made a reservation on a room at the Goseck Castle (Goseck Castle - 8 Euros the night, if you tell hat you are digging with us). Anyhow there ist no possibility to stay over the weekend. When you decide for this solution and wish to stay over the weekend, please phone right now. I will made iquieries in other boarding houses.


.... cold breakfast, cold lunch as well as a warm dinner will be organized. For the 4 weeks there is a fee of Euro 50,-- for the food and we ask to bring this amount. There will be a breakfast from tuesday until friday (please bring the breakfast and a sandwich for lunch for monday from your weekend) and warm dinner from monday until thursday (friday evening mostly are already at home)
As food there will be meat as well as vegetarian. If someone has special allergies or is strictly vegetarian (this is not deprecative, but sometimes the cooks will be took to their professional limits by these wishes). I must inform these wishes to our food service.


A practical excavation will be certified. Therefore a certificate of the University of Halle-Wittenberg. Certain other universities have other form of certificates. If you need a special certificate please inform yourself in the first place. If this is the case please bring a form with you or an empty certificate.


Please to bring...

● 50 for food/accomodation
● Air matress/Isomatress, sleeping bag, Blanket, coushion (if desiered)
● Cup/Mug, knife (for the sandwiches), eventually a coffemachine/waterboiler
● Weatherproof clothing witch can be dirted, strong shoes (best with steel cape(front), hat or similar and think that the weather can be cold, wet or really hot! We work on open sky.
● If you need special form of certificate pelase bring a model
● Bathing slippers for the shower - several take the shower one after the other
● All think you think you need absolutely

Extra Rules for winter campaign : you GET 100, no need for 50


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